Ergonomics is the science of design to maximise productivity and reduce discomfort. Increased computer use both at home and at work, and sedentary lifestyle has brought with them a spike in obesity, chronic heart disease and musculo-skeletal disorders making office ergonomics a top priority.   

In-House OT will come to your home or workplace to provide a tailored, cost-effective program to educate your workforce on 'good ergonomics' to reduce the risk of injury and help your employees take charge of their own health. 


Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

In-House OT will ensure that workstations are set up optimally to minimise the risk of injury, reduce workforce fatigue and discomfort, and maximise productivity. These assessments are customised and will be tailored to suit your industry, your staff and their specific requirements.

If you work from home, have recently recruited, moved offices, changed your fit-out, or want to be proactive about your workforce's health and safety, contact In-House OT today.


Ergonomic Training

Ergonomics is more than just chairs. In-House OT offers tailored office ergonomics training courses to educate your workforce on how to be proactive about their own health and wellbeing.  

Key focus points include the maintenance of good health, good posture, stretch breaks and prevention of injury both in the workplace and at home.